The Boxing Gloves


The Boxing Gloves is a leading boxing equipment store, with the best products from the world’s most popular brands including Ringside, MCD, Everlast, RDX, Adidas, Fairtex, Twins, Sandee, Cleto Reyes, Grant and others.

Our range includes Boxing Gloves, Punch bags & other boxing equipment from our favourite brands. Crafted to perfection by the Pioneers in the Sport, and designed to help you perform at your best in all activities in a professional setting.

The Boxing Gloves

About Boxing Gloves

It is well known that boxers use different gloves for different activities and that boxing gloves are not standardised.

Take a look at our boxing glove categories, for example. Our competition gloves are lighter, have less padding, and are designed to match the punch speed of professional boxers, and to increase strike impact.  Our training gloves are well-padded and ideal for punch bag workouts as they protect your hands and wrists.

Before placing your order, we urge that you thoroughly study and determine your requirements. Better yet, talk to your trainer about which boxing gloves might be best for you. If you don’t have a trainer, send us an email with your height, weight, build, and glove purpose, and we’ll suggest a pair for you.

We’ve worked with boxing gloves and equipment for a long time and we are good at selecting the best. All products that leave our distribution centres have undergone rigorous quality inspections. We source our goods from the finest in the industry as this ensures that our boxing gloves and equipment comply with British and International safety standards.