The Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves FAQ's

  • Which size boxing gloves should I get?

    The size of your boxing gloves depends on your weight category and the intended purpose. Take a look at our size chart to access your weight category and opt for lighter gloves for pad training and heavier gloves for punchbag training or sparring.

  • Which boxing gloves are the best?

    Select a pair of boxing gloves that fit snugly and protect your hands and wrists from impact. High-quality durable leather will ensure they last longer. Choose gloves that are suitable for the type of training you will be embarking on such as sparring or pad training.

  • Which boxing gloves to buy for beginners?

    First take a look at our size chart and understand what will fit you best. Your boxing practice will usually start with punch bag and pad training at the gym. The size 10oz gloves are ideal for pad training and 16oz are suitable for punchbag training. If you intend to only use one pair for pad and bag training, you should opt for a 12oz or 14oz pair.

  • Which weight boxing gloves?

    Adult boxing gloves sizes are available in 8oz and 10oz for competition and training gloves are 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz and go up to 22oz in certain styles. For reference, 16oz boxing gloves feature a lot more internal padding and protection than lighter 10oz gloves.

  • Which brand of boxing gloves is the best?

    In terms of popularity Rival, Twins, Bravose, Adidas, Venum, Fairtex, Sandee & MCD are regarded as some of the highest-quality brands in the sport of boxing. Adidas, Rival, Grant, RDX, Cleto Reyes and Winning gloves are also used by professionals in competition fights.

  • What are boxing gloves are made of?

    Intermediate level boxing gloves are made of high-quality PU synthetic leather which is durable and long lasting. Advanced genuine leather boxing gloves are used by amateur and professional boxers during training and competitions.

  • What do boxing gloves protect?

    High-quality boxing gloves are vital for protecting your hands, wrists and your sparring partner.

  • What should I look for in boxing gloves?

    It’s important to select the correct size according to your weight. To achieve the best results, use lighter gloves for pad training and heavier gloves for punch bag training. The right gloves will help you to throw quick jabs and land powerful punches without injuring your hands or wrists.

  • What weight boxing gloves?

    For sparring practice adults should use 16oz gloves. Kids should use their recommended size according to their age and weight, further details are in our size chart.

  • What boxing gloves do pros use?

    Professionals use different size gloves for different training activities. Often, they use professional lace up boxing gloves during training because lace up gloves offer the best possible fit, however somebody needs to assist putting them on and taking them off.

  • What are the best boxing gloves for a heavy bag?

    Some specialised gloves from Rival and other brands feature slightly firmer padding then alternative options which are usually used for sparring and punchbag training. Specialised bag only gloves should not be used for sparring as the padding could be too firm, especially when the gloves are new and have not been worn in.

  • What are 14oz boxing gloves for?

    This size is ideal for bag training and youth sparring.

  • What boxing gloves are best for training?

    Men aged 18-35 weighing 70-75kg normally use 14oz or 16oz boxing gloves for general training. Women aged 18-35 weighing 55-65kg normally use 10oz or 12oz boxing gloves for pad work or bag training.

  • What are the best sparring boxing gloves?

    16oz lace up boxing gloves are preferred but hook and loop Velcro gloves are also used as they are easier to slip on and off.

  • What is the difference between 10oz gloves and 16oz gloves?

    16oz gloves contain more padding than 10oz gloves and sometimes there can be a small 1cm difference in the overall glove size.

  • How to size boxing gloves?

    Take a look at our general size chart which contains sizing information for most hands. If you feel that your hands are not an average size, just measure your hand circumference with measuring tape.

  • How boxing gloves should fit?

    The ultimate fit is snug, comfortable and supportive for the hands and wrists.

  • How expensive are boxing gloves?

    Good quality synthetic leather training gloves cost around £30-£60. whilst advanced genuine leather training gloves cost between £80-£150. The highest quality professional boxing gloves can cost £500 or more per pair.

  • Should I use 14 or 16 oz boxing gloves?

    If your weight is between 68-74kg you may find that 14oz gloves are more suitable for general training. If you weigh more than 74kg you should use 16oz gloves.

  • Should I buy 10 or 12 oz boxing gloves?

    If you weigh between 40-45kg then 10oz may be more suitable for general training. If you weigh 45kg-55kg you should use 12oz gloves.

  • Should boxing gloves be tight?

    Boxing gloves should feel snug but not too tight and restricting. They should allow movement when you want to clench or unclench your fists. Remember to consider that you will also normally wear hand wraps underneath.

  • Should I train with heavier boxing gloves?

    Training with heavier boxing gloves provides additional protection for your hands and wrists. You can punch the bag harder and for longer due to the extra weight.