Boxing Gloves Sizes and Purposes

When selecting the best size boxing gloves, you should consider your own size and weight and then pick the recommended size of gloves accordingly.

A wellfitted pair of boxing gloves should provide your hand and wrist with adequate protection whilst allowing you to form a fist with some degree of flexibility.

The guidelines for boxing gloves sizes and their intended purpose can be defined as the bigger you are and the harder you hit your gloves should be bigger and offer more protection.


Ladies first,

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In the female boxing gloves variety, there are many weights and designs but what matters more is the weight of the boxing gloves and the level of padding within.

For the largest majority of women,the 10oz boxing gloves are used for pad work training and also for speed ball and swivel ball training.

Higher up are the 12oz boxing gloves which are designed for light bag work and for technical sparring.

However, the most regular size are 14oz boxing gloves which are used for sparring and when worn by women boxers can also be ideal for heavy bag workouts.

Most boxing coaches recommend 14ozgloves for contact sparring sessions regardless of gender.

The 14oz boxing gloves provide good padding protection and aren’t too heavy to slow down the speed of your punches.

Boxing Gloves for Men

Owning many pairs of boxing gloves is recommended so that you can achieve the best possible results from your boxing training. Many boxers own four pairs of gloves because each is intended for a different purpose.

Men normally use 10oz or 12oz boxing gloves for pad work and for speedball training.

The 14oz boxing gloves are almost always used in sparring sessions.

Heavier 16oz boxing gloves are used for punch bag workouts because these provide much more padding, but at the cost of additional weight which can slow down the speed of the punch.

At the height of punching power boxers use 18oz or 20oz boxing gloves for boxing bag workouts. At this upper end of the spectrum most boxers will either be quite large in size or will have so much punching power that they need to use heavier gloves to safeguard their hands and wrists.


Youth Boxing Gloves

Most youth and teenage boxers wear boxing gloves which range from 10oz to 16oz.

The purposes for which these gloves are intended are quite the same as they are for women and men, as mentioned above.

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Kids Boxing Gloves

When starting off in boxing kids or children only need one pair of boxing gloves for most training activities such as pad work and punch bag work.

If a child is bigger than normal than those in his or her age group perhaps you should buy boxing gloves which are intended for those in the youth group.

For young children between the ages of 5 to 7 the 4oz boxing gloves should be a good fit.

Buy 6oz boxing gloves for children between the age of 7 and 9.

For kids between the ages 9 to 12 the 8oz boxing gloves will probably be best.