Boxing Equipment

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Boxing Equipment

Boxing Head Guards, Mouth Guards, Focus Pads & Punch Bags

Welcome to our Boxing Equipment collection. From large punching bags, head protection guards, gloves and pads, we offer everything you could possibly imagine. Many of our friends, professional boxing instructors and fighters have put all of the items in our boxing equipment selection to the test, and we are delighted to provide the most resilient boxing gear for your training and development.

Mouth Guards
Professional male and female boxers have tried our excellent-fitting mouth guards, which are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles.

Head Guards
Protect yourself at all times, and the best way to accomplish that when training is to utilise head guards that are available at The Boxing Gloves, which are the highest quality protective head guards in the sport. Choose from small, medium, or large head guards to ensure a secure fit and superior protection.

Handwraps & Tape
To be properly prepared for training, choose from our array of the best hand wraps and boxing tape.

Boxing Gloves
When you’re in training camp and getting ready for your next bout, always wear the best possible pair of boxing gloves to keep your hands and wrists secure and totally protected. Check out our extensive assortment of boxing gloves; we have a huge line of premium, genuine leather boxing gloves in a variety of models, colours, and styles to assure that your hands are prepared to go the distance if necessary.

Coach Focus Pads
Acquire everything you need for your workouts by selecting from our collection of boxing focus pads. Curved jab pads, small hook and jab pads, and coach focus pads are just a few of the types and sizes we have available to accommodate boxers of any weight division.

Punch Bags
To refine your technique and develop your endurance, throw punches in bunches at the boxing punch bags. Ideal for a challenging boxing training session and for getting you ready for a fight. Available in a variety of weights, sizes and shapes to make sure you get the training that will make you unstoppable.

Boxing Boots
With our excellent variety of boxing boots, you can move quickly and maintain your equilibrium. Our boxing boots will keep you comfortable so you can concentrate on your workouts and prepare to fight more effectively.