Punch Bag

The Punch bag is an integral part of boxing for any fighter, competitor, fight team, or anyone wanting to mix up their exercise from the regular gym routines.

The Punch bag is used to get fit, build power and to develop boxing skills. A successful high-intensity exercise is equal to just 20 minutes of punching the bag.

There are many types of punchbags in different shapes, sizes and weights

Boxing Bag Types:

– Heavy Bag is used for Straight punches, hooks & movement

– Uppercut Bag is for practicing Body shots, uppercuts and digging with punches

– Double-end Bag training is ideal for Dodging punches and for developing accuracy

– Speed Bag is best for Building speed & Stamina

– Free Standing Bag is portable and ideal if you like training outdoors

Punch Bag Benefits:

– It works almost all muscle groups

– High number of calories and burned

– Metabolic rate will increase

– Reflexes will improve

– Punching Power will increase

– Movements will be quicker

– Balance will be improved

Regardless of daily hard use, punching bags are built and manufactured to last many years.

At TBG you can buy punch bags for your gym, and to train at home.
You can find multiple designs and shades to fit your personal tastes with labels like Adidas, MCD, Everlast, Lonsdale and more.

Choosing a boxing bag is primarily dependent on personal tastes and on your training requirement.

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