Boxing Gloves

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Boxing Gloves

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If you want to enhance the quality of your training, choosing the proper pair of boxing gloves is fundamental. You should order from a retailer that provides the finest internationally renowned brands that have optimised gloves for comfort and protection, and offers a broad selection of gloves in every size and weight. The Boxing Gloves is the leading retailer in the UK, offering a wide selection so you’ll never run out of options. You can order the ideal pair of gloves here, regardless of whether you are just getting started in this sport or simply need a pair of professional boxing gloves for your next fight. However, don’t choose a pair at random; there’s a good possibility you may not be comfortable whether you’re training, sparring or competing, as you could injure your hands or wrists.

Training gloves are constructed of real leather or synthetic materials like polyurethane and are used for sparring, boxing fitness classes, and punch bag training. Thumb locks, wrist supports, and additional padding are all features of training gloves.

Sparring gloves are thicker, more comfortable, and have a contoured shape with enhanced wrist support and cushioning.

Fight gloves, usually referred to as competition boxing gloves, weigh between 8 and 10 ounces and are used in professional fights. For the entire collection, check out our boxing gloves for men and women. Fight gloves are thinner, have minimal cushioning, and are usually laced up.

When buying boxing gloves, size and weight are important. You may choose from a variety of gloves in a range of sizes and weights by browsing our online collection. The amount of padding heavily influences the weight. Adult boxing gloves come in sizes ranging from 8oz to 20oz. Gloves for kids often weigh 4 to 6 ounces. A fighter who is more concerned about safety and safeguarding may choose larger, heavily cushioned gloves. While lighter gloves offer less padding, some who prioritise speed over protection choose them because they enable them to punch more quickly.

Boxing Gloves Weight or Size
Different weights of gloves are available because they are used for different activities. For instance, 8oz and 10oz gloves are used for competitive bouts, whereas 12oz and 14oz gloves are often used for training, For sparring and punch bag training, athletes normally use 16oz gloves. Another factor to consider when selecting gloves is your height, weight and objective.

Outer Material
Genuine cowhide leather gloves are the greatest option as they can have a more durable shell than vinyl or PU leather. The extra protection that cowhide leather provides for knuckles also means that your new pair will last longer.

Internal Padding
Internal foam and EVA cushioning is crucial for wrist and knuckle protection. Some professional gloves have cushioning made of a variety of materials, including EVA, foam, and even horse hair. Better cushioning levels absorb stress and impact blows, keeping your hands safe and comfortable during a fight. A sophisticated level padding design around the wrist region is also vital as the wrists are frequently engaged during a fight and throughout training sessions to assist in delivering punches from distinct angles.

After Care
After usage, gloves should be cleaned with a cloth, and an appropriate anti-bacterial deodorizer should be used to keep the inside in a pleasant odour-free state.