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Choosing the right pair of boxing gloves is critical if you want to improve the quality of your training. Buying boxing gloves that do not fit well is like having a pebble in your shoe – you can still walk but only limp along. It is irritating and over time you will get a sore foot!

So what do you have to do to buy boxing gloves that are the right fit? Buy from a store that offers a wide range of gloves of every size and weight and stocks the best of internationally reputed brands that are optimised for comfort and protection. A huge range is available at The Boxing Gloves, the ultimate in boxing gloves UK online store where you will never be short of choice.

Choose the Perfect Fit Pair of Boxing Gloves

Regardless of whether you are seriously starting off in this sport or just need a pair of professional boxing gloves, you will surely get the perfect pair at our store. But don’t pick one at random – The chances are pretty significant that you will not be comfortable whether you are sparring, training or in competition and might even injure your hands and wrist. So before looking for boxing gloves for sale at The Boxing Gloves, there are several factors to be considered if you want to save time and money by avoiding a replacement.

Get the Right Weight Boxing Gloves UK

While you buy boxing gloves UK from our online store, select one that will serve your purpose. It is because boxing gloves are not a “one hat fits all” product. You have to be quite specific in what you need.

– Training gloves are used for sparring, boxing fitness classes, and punching bag training and are made of leather or synthetic materials like Polyurethane. These boxing gloves for sale have thumb locks wrist supports and extra padding for extended training sessions.

– Sparring boxing gloves UK are lightweight and have a comfortable contoured design with wrist support and padding. We stock international brands such as Reebok sparring gloves and Adidas, Lonsdale, and Everlast sparring gloves.

– Competition gloves also known as professional boxing gloves are used in professional fights and weigh between 8oz to 10oz. Check out our men’s boxing gloves and ladies boxing gloves for the full range. These gloves are light, have firmer padding and always have a lace-up design.

When you buy boxing gloves UK online from us, you get assured quality and reliability. All gloves are made from the finest materials and manufactured to perfection. Our leather boxing gloves are high on durability and have less moisture build-up inside because of the breathable nature of leather. Synthetic gloves are less expensive and good as boxing gloves for kids to start with. They are easy to clean and being smooth is less likely to snag on a training bag or human target.

Size and Weight of Boxing Gloves for Sale

Size and weight matter when you browse for boxing gloves for sale UK. From our online catalogue you will find a range of gloves with different sizes and weights. The weight is largely dependent on the extent of padding. Adult boxing gloves are available between 8oz to 20oz. Children’s boxing gloves are generally between 4oz to 6oz. A boxer concerned more with safety and avoiding injury will buy bigger and heavily padded gloves. Even though lighter gloves provide less padding they allow the boxer to punch faster and are favoured by those who value speed over protection.

The Boxing Gloves – Your One-Stop Online Store

Whatever might be your requirement of boxing gloves, we’ll have a pair that fits your need perfectly well. We are a leading boxing gloves UK online store offering top-of-the-line boxing gloves for men, ladies, and children.

Enjoy shopping at The Boxing!

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