Hook & Loop Boxing Gloves

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Hook & Loop Boxing Gloves

Widely known as hook and loop boxing gloves, the velcro strap gloves are largely used throughout boxing gym’s for training and sparring.

You put your hand into the glove to wear the gloves and use the velcro strap to fasten the glove around the wrist region. Hook and loop is the method under which the glove is fitted, so you take the strap as though you were hooking it to a secure tightness level, and then you loop the strap around.

Lace-up gloves are used in competitive matches, but the hook & loop boxing gloves are more common for the majority of boxing training.

Depending on the glove type, the advantages offered are similar, such as breathable mesh, inner padding and outer leather being used as common practice for the manufacturing of most boxing training gloves.

Moisture wicking cloth, handmade padding mould and horse hair padding is also featured in specialised models.

Depending on the manufacturer and the range from which you buy, boxing gloves have slightly different standards of fitting and comfort. Advanced gloves have an optimized fit for the fingertips and thumb to hold them in place.

Although the sparring gloves are fitted with a velcro strap, they are the closest match to professional gloves. Real leather is used more frequently in the production, hand mould padding is injected in all the correct places and the glove is made by hand.

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