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MCD Boxing Gloves

Training, Sparring and Competition Boxing Gloves from MCD

Fitness & Combat is one of the raging games, and everyone wants a share of the glory. However, it is highly important for boxers to identify the best product for themselves. Your search for reliable and high-quality boxing gloves ends here with our superior range of MCD boxing gloves. Boxers need their gloves more than anything else inside the boxing ring, known as the squared circle. As a matter of fact, it is quite impossible to imagine a boxing match without gloves anymore.

So, we bring you the very best quality boxing gloves that spell the small difference between winners and champions, and all whilst offering you the kindest prices! Our product range of MCD boxing gloves, punch bags, head guards and other boxing kit are all available for you to choose from only at The Boxing Gloves. We can’t stress the advantages you will get from these boxing gloves enough. However, here is an outline of what you can expect from the MCD brand.

Some boxers would trade comfort for durability, usually because of the adrenaline pumping in their blood. And the next thing that complements durability perfectly well is authenticity. MCD boxing gloves are crafted from authentic leather that can easily withstand constant wear and tear. The MCD Boxing Gloves are extremely solid and suitable for almost everybody, from beginners to pros, due to their affordable prices and supreme quality.

The shock absorbing design of boxing gloves is highly helpful in ensuring your comfort and hand/wrist safety. The craftsmanship of MCD boxing gloves is evident in the protection of the knuckles and wrists with a thin layer of shock-absorbent padding material. When you are equipped with MCD Boxing Gloves or Mitts you are able to land hundreds of powerful punches without quitting! The MCD tag also brings the assurance of long-term effectiveness. This means that when you wear the MCD gloves, they will fit perfectly well because the padding eventually molds to your knuckle shape, providing superb fitting which feels personalised.

One of the striking design features of the boxing gloves is the alignment of wrist support when punching from many angles. The effectively distributed padding around the wrist makes it the perfect protective gear for boxers who always like to get an edge over their opponents! The loop strap safeguards the wrist and actually supplements the flow of shots.

The flexibility aspects of boxing gloves made by MCD are also some of the more notable features that will draw you towards them. Adjustable straps help you wear the boxing gloves according to your preference in tightness level. The efficiency of such design is supported with EVA foam slabs that adjust perfectly to the shape of your hands. The EVA foam slabs also help in effective distribution of force for maximum strike impact.

Do you participate in long training and sparring sessions? If so, MCD boxing gloves are the perfect pick for you. The antibacterial cushioning and microfiber material prevent the accumulation of sweat and bacterial infections. As a result, the gloves always remain clean and odour free. So, no more smelly gloves after your sparring sessions! In addition, you can also note the subtle difference in comfort with the microfiber material used in the interior cushioning. Your hands would feel quite dry and clean, thereby allowing your training sessions to go on for longer and thus improving your skill and stamina.

So, if you are starting your training sessions just now, then this might be the right time to pick up a pair of MCD boxing gloves. And if you are already a professional boxer then make the switch to MCD Boxing Gloves and become proud of your decision. Explore from different types of boxing gloves and kit right here at The Boxing Gloves!

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