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Rival Boxing Gloves

Training, Sparring and Competition Boxing Gloves from Rival

If you are new to the game of boxing, then you will find many companies with glaring advertisements for boxing gear. To make a choice can be particularly difficult, even if you go through a lot of reviews and discussion forums. One of the main concerns for a beginner can be not knowing how much money should be invested on suitable boxing gear.

Understandably, it can be confusing when it comes to specifications that one should take into account when choosing a pair of boxing gloves. However, Rival boxing gloves are miles beyond such doubt and confusion. Rival is currently one of the top ten boxing glove brands in the world and is the perfect choice for punch bag work and sparring sessions.A key feature of Rival boxing gloves is the impeccable construction style. To top it up with a sharp design was a smart move that works perfectly in these boxing gloves. The snug fit long wrist cuffs and the distinctive conic design are the particular features that they are known for. The thick padding and wrist support allow you to punch harder, thanks to the protective cushioning throughout.

Interestingly, the safety factor in boxing gloves by Rival is accompanied with durability, thereby making it one of the most popular boxing gloves. You don’t have to worry about them wearing away for many years this is the assurance of Rival boxing gloves.

The extra durable nylon in the inner lining provides the perfect fit for the punching stance. The leather construction of boxing gloves gives the perfect menacing look to these bad boys! High-density multi-layered foam topped with extra durable nylon lining clearly spells out durability, comfort and safety in the boxing gloves manufactured by Rival.

Rival boxing gloves are particularly known for their use in training and sparring sessions. The construction of the inner lining is already known to you. Now, you should know that the boxing gloves have a perfect hold on the hands and the texture of the nylon lining makes them ideal for long training sessions. More often than not, training sessions are interrupted when your hands are soaked in your own sweat and cleaning the gloves after that can be a nightmare.

However, Rival boxing gloves do not have any such issues as you will have mostly dry hands throughout your training sessions. You can just spar all day without worrying about the inside of your boxing gloves getting all sweaty. Most important of all, they don’t smell even after you have been training or sparring for hours. So, if you love boxing a lot, then there could not be a better alternative than Rival boxing gloves.

Finally, customers could easily explore many budget-friendly options in our range of boxing gloves. That’s the best thing about Rival! You don’t have to break your wallet to start taking the first steps in boxing.

There can be doubts which may come to mind about the feasibility of such an investment in the long-term. You can get cost-effective boxing gloves and start training right away. This is the simple solution that you should follow and browse through our different types of boxing gloves right here!

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