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Grant Boxing Gloves

Training, Sparring and Competition Boxing Gloves from Grant

If you have been looking for the very best boxing gloves, then Grant Boxing Gloves must be one of the names you have come across. Choose from a wide assortment of our Boxing Gloves for scaling up your boxing gear to higher levels of perfection. Established in 1995 in New York, the brand name “Grant” has become a staple preference of boxing professionals worldwide. Since their first appearance in a boxing world championship encounter, Grant Boxing Gloves have not looked back.

Get one of the notable boxing brands in the world into your boxing gear collection with Grant Boxing gloves. It would obviously feel exciting to have the assurance of a brand that creates boxing gear for prominent names in the world of boxing. When the elite pros are using Grant Boxing, there is hardly any reason to skip a look at some of the best boxing gloves from their house.

Grant has been known to provide the best quality of boxing gloves for years owing to the commitment they have for perfection. One of the foremost aspects that immediately draw your attention to Grant Boxing Gloves is their construction. Fighters who want maximum hand protection, yet something to use the full potential of their punch power should definitely opt for Grant. The padding on the gloves is evenly distributed, providing adequate comfort to the person wearing the gloves and with time the padding molds to the boxer’s hand.

You can choose Grant Boxing for the easy availability of different boxing glove variants such as lace-up and hook & loop gloves.

The next striking highlight of our Boxing Gloves is the assurance of safety and support for the wrist. If you have not yet had your first practice session, then you will have to learn the anatomy of your hands and the impact on them with boxing. The padding around the wrist protects it from abrupt force, thereby ensuring safety.

The lightweight gloves of Grant also mark another promising highlight for boxers. Apart from the comfort, you can upscale your speed considerably. Furthermore, you cannot ignore the fact that continuous practice in sparring sessions is easier with these Boxing Gloves. The sturdy leather material used in these gloves provides the assurance of durability. So, it is easier for boxers to use Grant gloves in sparring sessions as well as competition fights.

With so many features, Grant is one of the credible brands for boxing gloves. The interesting thing here is that you don’t even have to look at the reputation Grant has earned over two decades. You have to take a look at the ways in which Grant is the best option for you! As one of the most prominent brands, the assurance of quality of Boxing Gloves is a given for every customer. So, why wait any longer when you could choose the perfect set of boxing gloves here at!

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