Kids Boxing Gloves

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Kids Boxing Gloves

For Kids that are full of energy or very active, perhaps there is no better way to channel the energy by letting them have a go at boxing, at home or in a boxing club.

Boxing training keeps kids fit and healthy. It also develops power, speed, agility, defence and many other skills. Most children enjoy boxing as they learn the art of defence which becomes a lifelong talent.The type of kids boxing gloves used varies depending on age and activity:

2oz for ages 3 to 4 years
4oz for ages 4 to 5 years
6oz for ages 6 to 8 years
8oz for ages 8 to 10 years
10oz for youth

Usually hook and loop boxing gloves are used in training, and lace up gloves are used in competition fights.

Lighter training gloves are preferred for regular activities such as pad work. For Punch bag training it is recommended to use gloves that provide additional padding. You could opt for 2 or 4 ounce heavier gloves than you normally would for bag training.

Choose from all your favourite brands for the best quality boxing gloves for kids, and protective guards to enhance their skills for training, sparring and competitions. At TBG, we offer a wide range of kids boxing gloves, always keeping in mind children’s needs as they develop. Our junior’s boxing gloves are well-built and have extra padding to protect the hands and wrists.

Boxing gloves and essential protection equipment such as the mouth guard, hand wraps and head guard all become part of the young athlete’s armoury, and will normally last for many years.

Children’s boxing training includes pad work with a partner, punch bag training and other fitness activities such as push-ups, skipping and outdoor sprints. The boxing gloves and pads sets are available in many styles and colours and are a great way to get your child started with the basic 1-2 punch combinations at home. Children that are part of a boxing club normally carry protective equipment for sparring activities.

Hand wraps protect the wrists and hands during training. The hand wraps come as a pair of bandage rolls and they are wrapped around the wrist and hand areas.

Mouth guards protect the jaw and teeth during sparring. Most mouth guards are designed to provide a perfect contoured fitting for all.

Head guards protect the face and head during sparring and competition. The types of head guards include the cheek head guard and also the bar head guard which offers extra protection for the mouth and chin areas.

Boxing Pads are used to develop the boxers’ speed, accuracy and fitness. Boxing coaches use focus pads to train fighters, sometimes using techniques that simulate a fight performance.

Punch bags are used to increase power and fitness. Kids Punch bags are 2ft, 3ft and 4ft in height and normally weigh 10-25kg. They can hung using a wall bracket and can also be hung from the ceiling.

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