Men's Boxing Gloves

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Men’s Boxing Gloves

Training, Sparring and Competition Boxing Gloves for Men

The Boxing Gloves offers a wide range of men’s gloves for training, sparring or competition fights.

Training Gloves
Training gloves are suitable for men new to the sport, they are designed for both bag work and sparring, and they feature sufficient cushioning. These could be used for sparring, pad work & punch bag training. For punchbag training and sparring, men often wear 16oz gloves. The ideal weight of the gloves used for pad work is typically 10oz or 12oz. For both beginners and professional fighters, the hook and loop style is convenient as it is easy to wear and to remove.

Punch Bag Gloves
The 16oz gloves are commonly utilised for heavy bag workouts, as additional padding is incorporated in the knuckles and wrist areas of all punch bag gloves, and the padding helps in eliminating considerable damage to the hands and wrists.

Sparring Gloves
Boxers’ and their sparring partner are both protected by the padding in the sparring gloves. Although most athletes use hook & loop gloves for practicality of usage, many fighters select lace up gloves because they provide an optimum fit. Boxing gloves are used in sparring to protect you and your partner, not to render them unconscious. As long as the boxing gloves are an acceptable weight and weren’t made just for punching bags, you may spar with any pair of boxing gloves. The padding insulation in sparring gloves is generally smoother or more cushioned, with broader dispersion, to lessen the impact of strikes. They are comparable to training gloves. Numerous weights of sparring gloves are available, but depending on your bodyweight, you should pick a pair that weighs 14 ounces or more.

Fight Gloves
Competition fights require the use of professional fight gloves. These are intended exclusively for use in professional fights, and they offer the least amount of hand and wrist protection possible in order to maximise the force of strikes. Regular training should not be done with professional boxing gloves because of the reduced padding inside, which might lead to swelling and even wrist and hand injuries. To best prepare themselves for the battle ahead, many elite level fighters do train and spar while using gloves identical to the ones they would wear on fight night. Pro fighting gloves are lace-ups that always weigh 8oz or 10oz depending on the weight of the boxer.