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Mens Boxing Gloves

Training, Sparring and Competition Boxing Gloves for Men

Packing a punch in the gym? Start with the right gear in your bag. For boxers, having the proper size and quality gloves is critical. It will keep the hands protected and comfortable during training. Boxers perform best when wearing well-fitted gloves. And we at The Boxing Gloves have a wide range of men’s boxing gloves to offer. You will not be short of choice, whether it is gloves for general training or specialized for competition.
Men’s Boxing Gloves Just for You

At first glance, all boxing gloves appear the same. But looks can be deceptive when it comes to boxing gloves for men. They have a unique quality that is best suited for its intended use.

What do we have to offer in men’s boxing gloves?

Training Gloves

Training gloves are perfect for men who are new to the sport. They have sufficient padding and are built for both sparring and bag work. Good for novices and for veteran fighters!

Bag Gloves

Mainly used in heavy bag, speed ball or pad training and are designed with more padding in the knuckles. It helps boxers to quickly get used to the heavy impact, that punches have on their hands.

Sparring Gloves

These boxing gloves for men have medium level padding to protect the boxer and the sparring partner and are heavier than training gloves.

Competition Gloves With less padding, these men’s boxing gloves are designed for the opponent to really feel the strike.

Check the full range of boxing gloves for men at The Boxing Gloves – We guarantee to offer the best quality and perfect size for you.

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