Mens Boxing Gloves

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Mens Boxing Gloves

Training, Sparring and Competition Boxing Gloves for Men

Packing a punch in the gym? Start with the right gear in your bag. For boxers, having the proper size and quality gloves is critical. It will keep the hands and wrists protected and more comfortable during training.

Boxers perform best when wearing well-fitted gloves, and we at The Boxing Gloves have a wide range of men’s boxing gloves to offer. You will not be short of choice, whether it is gloves for general training or specialized for competition.

Men’s Boxing Gloves Just for You

At a glance, all boxing gloves appear to look the same. But looks can be deceptive when it comes to selecting the right type of boxing gloves for men. Men’s Boxing Gloves have unique qualities that are best suited for specific activities.

What do we have to offer in men’s boxing gloves?

Training Gloves

Training gloves are perfect for men who are new to the sport. They have sufficient padding and are built for both sparring and bag work. These could be used for punch bag training, pad work or for sparring. The weight of the gloves used in pad work is normally 10oz or 12oz, for punchbag training and for sparring men use 14oz or 16oz gloves. The hook and loop type are great for beginners and for elite fighters.

Training gloves can be classed as a hybrid and are suitable for both punch bag training and for sparring. These are usually firm enough to work on heavy punchbags and they are also fine for sparring because they can absorb shock when you strike your sparring partner.

It is recommended to use a different pair for punch bag training because regular strikes against the bag wears down the padding, and if the same worn-down pair is used against a sparring partner you risk causing unintentional damage.

Boxing Bag Gloves

Primarily used in heavy bag workouts are the 16oz gloves, for speed bag workouts the 10 or 12 ounces are used. Punch bag gloves feature more padding in the knuckles and around the wrists. It helps protect hands and wrists from heavy impact.

Sparring Gloves

The boxing sparring gloves for men have sufficient levels of padding to protect the boxer and their sparring partner. Many fighters use lace up gloves as these offer an optimised fitting, however for ease of use the majority use hook & loop gloves.

The aim of boxing gloves in sparring is to shield you and your sparring partner, not to knock them unconscious. You can spar with any pair of boxing gloves as long as they’re an acceptable weight, but several manufacturers sell sparring gloves that are specially designed for the sport.

Sparring gloves are similar to training gloves, but the padding insulation is usually smoother or more cushioned, with greater distribution, to reduce the severity of impacts. Sparring gloves come in a number of weights, but based on the bodyweight, you should choose a pair that is 14oz or higher.

Competition Gloves

Approved by appropriate governing bodies, in the United Kingdom the British Boxing Board of Control approves professional competition gloves for National and International bouts. As these are a lot lighter than punch bag gloves it means that there are minimal levels of padding, and that the strike impact is also harder.

Professional gloves are worn in competition fights. These are specifically engineered for use in professional fights, and they provide minimal hand and wrist protection in order to maximise strike impact.

A well-known feature with these gloves is that the padding is firmer and that the gloves are more compact than training gloves. The competition gloves are produced in such a way that enable fighters to throw hard and sharp shots in order to knock out their opponent.

Professional boxing gloves are not suitable for regular training because there is less padding within which would cause swelling and potential damage to hands and wrists. However, many elite level fighters do train and spar wearing similar gloves to the type they would be wearing on fight night, this is so that they could prepare themselves for the upcoming challenge.

Pro gloves used in fights are lace-ups and always weigh either 8oz or 10oz depending on the fighter’s weight.

Check out the huge range of training and professional boxing gloves for men at our TBG Outlet, and make sure to keep your hands and wrists in good condition.

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