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Punch Bag

The Punch bag is an integral part of boxing for any fighter or anybody wanting to mix up their exercise from the regular gym routines.

The Punch bag is used to get fitter, to build power and to develop boxing skills. A successful high-intensity exercise is equal to only 20 minutes of punching the bag, however many elite athletes hit the bag for a whole hour.

We offer many types of punch bags in different shapes, sizes and weights.

Boxing Bag Types:

Heavy Bag – used for Straight punches, hooks & movement

The heavy bag is a bigger, cylindrical bag suspended by chains or ropes that is used to practice power shots to toughen and condition hands, arms, shoulders and other body parts involved in striking the bag. Heavy bags are primarily used to increase strength.

A Banana Bag, which is used in Muay Thai and is longer than a standard heavy bag is widely used to practice low kicks and knee hits. A slim line bag is smaller than a heavy bag and is also used by fighters for boxing training and in other combat workouts.

Available in many sizes and weights to suit fighters in almost every weight category.

Professional boxers train with numerous types of heavy bags including the standard heavy bag which is 4ft, 5ft or 6ft long. This offers a consistent width from top to bottom and is normally hanged from the ceiling or with a wall bracket. Most widely used this is ideal for straight punches, hooks, kicks, knees and elbows.

Tear Drop or Angled Uppercut Bag– used for practicing Body shots, uppercuts and digging with punches

The top of the bag on an angled heavy bag is larger than the bottom. The angle between the two pieces is more visible on some bags than others (usually due to wear and tear), but in general, the angled surface is a great spot to land uppercuts and body shots. Straight punches, hooks and uppercuts are usually executed on the top, while body hooks and kicks are performed at the bottom.

Built for uppercut, jabbing, curl boxing, and short bursts of high and low punching exercise, it helps the boxer to strike at varying heights, speeds, and forces than the traditional 4-foot straight PU (polyurethane) punching bag.

Double-end Bag – ideal for Dodging punches and for developing accuracy

The floor to ceiling bag, also known as the double end bag, is a thin, lightweight bag with two attachment points that allows it to bind to both the floor and to the ceiling (occasionally fitted wall to wall for specific training). The size of the ball and the tightening of the ropes influence how easily the bag swings. It is used for accuracy and for precision training.

Speed Bag – used for building Speed & Stamina

Speed bags are thin, air-filled bags with a rebound platform parallel to the ground at the tip. When punching, speed bags help a boxer learn to keep his or her hands up, develop hand-eye coordination, and move weight between feet.

Speedballs or speed ball bags are other names for them. They’re normally packed with air and wrapped around a PU- or leather-based fiber.

They are available in a range of sizes, including large 13×10″ (33×25 cm) and 12×9″, midsize 11×8″, 10×7″ (25×18 cm) and 9×6″, and compact 8×5″, 7×4″, and 6×4″ (15×10 cm).

The bigger the bag, the slower it moves and the more force it takes to keep it moving. Smaller bags allow the practicing athlete to concentrate on faster hand pace, pacing, and coordination, while larger bags are used to develop strength and stamina.

Beginners could think of this bag as a “power bag,” rather than a “speed bag,” since they won’t be able to punch both easily and repeatedly before they master their swinging force and speed.

A boxer usually strikes the bag with his or her hands from the front, but fists and elbows can be used to strike the bag from both angles, including the front, back, and sides. The fighter will use this kit to create improvised rhythmic accents by using a number of punching variations.

Free Standing Bag – portable and ideal if you like training outdoors

Instead of being suspended from the walls, freestanding heavy bags are placed on a weighted pedestal. To give the bag more consistency to keep it from sliding around, the base is normally filled with sand or with water. They can be tipped over and used for ground-and-pound drills, and they are used for the same purpose as hanging heavy bags are.

Punch Bag Benefits:

Work almost all muscle groups, High number of calories are burned, Metabolic rate will increase, Reflexes will improve, Punching Power will increase, Movements will become quicker, Balance will be improved

Regardless of daily hard use, punching bags are built and manufactured to last many years.

At TBG you can buy punch bags for your gym, and for yourself to train at home.

You can find multiple designs and shades to fit your personal taste from brands including Adidas, MCD, Everlast, Lonsdale, Ringside and more.

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