Women's Boxing Gloves

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Women’s Boxing Gloves

Training, Sparring and Competition Boxing Gloves for Ladies

Welcome to The Boxing Gloves, the UK’s leading retailer for boxing gloves featuring international brands. We choose the best types specifically for women, in various designs and colours, from 8oz gloves to 16oz gloves. Choosing your first pair of gloves for boxing might be a little complicated. Before choosing a pair of boxing gloves, you should take into account their size, weight, and how much padding they have. We have a large selection of ladies boxing gloves that are designed exclusively for females, whether they are amateurs or champions.

Buying Women’s Boxing Gloves

Before placing an order for boxing gloves, you should be aware of the required glove size. They need to fit snugly while also allowing for enough flexibility to make forming a fist easy. We have women’s boxing gloves in all sizes. If you are in between sizes, we suggest wearing hand wraps first so you can see how the gloves fit with the wraps on top. If you don’t already have hand wraps or gloves, you can check our size chart and measure your hand circumference before placing your order. Next, let’s talk about the weight and size of gloves, which are primarily determined by the level of cushioning and protection required. Ladies should get thicker 14oz or heavier boxing gloves for punch bag training as they provide a significant amount of padding protection. If speed and dexterity are your main priorities, get 10oz or 12oz boxing gloves.

Boxing Training – Start & Succeed

Due to the intense work rate required during practise, sparring, and fights, boxing is undoubtedly the most demanding sport. You will be required to bring gloves, hand wraps, and a mouth guard when you join at a gym or club. A towel and water to endure the entire workout are also required. Your coach will probably evaluate your movements, speed, and degree of fitness on your first day at the gym after you’ve warmed up with some stretches and sprints. Perhaps he or she will instruct you to practice punch bag training exercises later in the session after completing some jab and hook pad work with you in the introduction. Skip-roping, shadow-boxing, press-ups, squats, ab crunches, and other regular exercises are also included. Most gym coaches will usually let you spar with others after a few weeks.