Womens Boxing Gloves

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Womens Boxing Gloves

Training, Sparring and Competition Boxing Gloves for Ladies

Welcome to TBG, the home of UK boxing gloves with brands from across the world.

Available in all sizes from small 4oz gloves to large 16oz gloves, we select the best types especially for ladies, in different styles and colours. For women taking up boxing, choosing their first pair could be slightly confusing.

The size, weight, and even the extent of padding in boxing gloves for women all have to be considered before making a decision.

We offer a wide range of ladies boxing gloves, specifically designed for females whether they are beginners or champions.

Our products are sourced from reputable brands.

The women’s boxing gloves supplied by TBG provide maximum protection to your hands and wrists through heavy padding.

Designed both for safety and comfort.

Buying Womens Boxing Gloves

Before ordering womens’ boxing gloves from our online store, you should know about the size of the gloves that are required.

They should provide a snug fitting but should also allow enough flexibility so that you can form a fist with ease.

Boxing gloves for ladies are available in all sizes at our TBG store, but the sizes are not standard for any brand.

If you fall between the sizes, we advise you to wear hand wraps before you wear your gloves to check how well they fit with the wraps underneath.

If you don’t have hand wraps & gloves to try before you buy, just measure your hand circumference and check our size guide before ordering online.

Next let’s explore gloves sizes & weight, all which depends primarily on the extent of protection and padding that is required.

For punch bag training ladies should buy heavier 14oz or heavier boxing gloves which provide a good level of padding protection.

Buy 10oz or 12oz boxing gloves if speed and dexterity is the focus.

Browse our online category and shop from leading brands including Adidas, Everlast, MCD, Cleto Reyes, Rival and others to find a pair matching your exact requirement.

Boxing Training | Start to Succeed

Boxing is the toughest of all sports, due to the high level of work rate involved during training, sparring, and in fights.

When you join a gym or club you will be expected to bring a pair of gloves, hand wraps and a mouth guard with you.

You will also need to have a small towel and enough water to last for the workout.

On your first day at the gym, after warming up with stretches and sprints, your coach is likely to assess your movements, speed and fitness levels.

Perhaps he or she will start of by doing some jab and hook pad work with you, and instruct you do some punch bag training drills later in the session.

Other routine activities include skipping, shadow boxing, press-ups, squats, ab crunches and more.

Usually, after a few weeks most gym coaches will allow you to spar against fighters.

Make sure to have a gum shield / mouth guard with you, it is also advised to be equipped with your own head guard.

If you don’t have your own head guard you might have to borrow a shared one belonging to the gym.

A typical workout lasts 1.5 hours and is concluded with stretching activities, words of appreciation for your effort, and a few words to further motivate you, for your next workout.

The atmosphere in most clubs is fun and exciting.

You’ll find lots of positive team spirit and energy. With time you and your new friends could be sparring boxers from other clubs.

Boxing Equipment Head Guards

A Head Guard should be one of the top priorities when it comes to investing in high-quality boxing equipment.

You don’t need it for training, but you will be required to wear it during sparring.

Great protection is provided to your face and head.

A head guard protects sensitive areas like the temple, cheekbones and jaw, when wearing our top-of-the-line Boxing Head Guards.

Hand Wraps
Protect your hands and wrists with hand wraps that are like bandages & are wrapped around your hand & wrist.

Mouth Guards
In combat, dental injuries are possible and must be avoided.

A small investment put into purchasing a mouth guard can avoid costly and urgently required dental attention in the future.

In various colours and patterns, we have a large range of Mouth Guards / Gum Shields for adults and kids.

Boxing Boots

Boxing shoes weigh less than the typical trainers. This allows boxers to step softly on their toes, change directions, and locate angles that are essential components of specific movements.

Usually, they also have a thin rubber sole to help retain grip without binding you to the ground too much.

High-top, mid-top and low-top boxing shoes come in various styles.

To prevent injury during exercise, they give more support assistance to the ankle and to the lower shins.

Boxing shoes allow for the evaporation of sweat from the foot because they feature permeability.

This ensures that fluids can quickly flow through the special wicking materials used. Developed and designed to keep feet cooler and dry.

The boots are not for suitable for external outdoor use; however, they do help you with a better balance & grip in the ring.


Boxing is great, and is the number one sport to take your fitness levels to their peak.

To get started, buy a pair of boxing gloves, hand wraps, mouth guard and head towards the gym.

Order yourself a nice head guard once you have settled in and are experienced enough to start sparring with others.

As you develop your skills and experience you will naturally learn which equipment is best suited for particular activities.

And at that point your boxing gear collection should have grown with you.

For help with sizing check our size guide.

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