Adidas Hybrid 300x Boxing Gloves


> Hook & Loop Style for Ease of Fit
> Shock Absorption Padding
> Made of High-Quality Leather


The Adidas Hybrid 300x Gloves have been re-born…

The Hybrid 300X has a clear bond cell structure featuring a heavy shock absorbing technology.
The genuine cowhide leather outer with multi layer foam throughout provides a greater control
and superior bounce back. Their ergonomic shape allows you to deliver a powerful and fast punch.
For maximum safety they feature a high density light weight advanced cross sheet for
blunt impact absorption which distributes force equally.

The Hybrid 300X is ideal for boxing, thai/kick boxing, mma/combat sports, heavy bag workout and
training or pro-sparring.

• Adidas Hybrid 300X Gloves
• Genuine cowhide leather
• Rigid hook and loop strap with additional elasticated fit
• Ultimate feel
• Optimum protection
• Maximum safety
• Greater control

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