MCD Boxing Hand Wraps

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MCD Adjustable Boxing Hand Wraps

Advanced hand protection for fighters. These hand wraps are designed to ensure your hands are kept in the best possible condition while training so they can be preserved. Hand wraps can be worn underneath boxing gloves to provide an additional layer of security and protection. 

The added thickness means that you don’t need to wrap them excessively as you would with standard bandages. Wearing wraps can prevent your knuckles from crushing together and can lessen the effects of impact on your hands, joints and wrists. Wear them during training with pad work, sparring sessions and professional competitions. Specially designed to ensure the best results.

MCD products have been manufactured to be of superior quality in their construction. Quality assurance is one reason you can trust that any product from MCD will surpass your expectations. 

  • Available in Red, Black and Lime green colours and finished off with the MCD logo.
  • Length 2.5m or 3.0
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2.5m, 3.0m


Black, Green, Red