MCD CH-8 Boxing Body Protector

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> Boxing Body Protector

> Adjustable Adult Size

> Ideal for Coaching Kids

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MCD CH-8 Boxing Body Protector Coach Training Guard

Step into this highly functional body protector and feel the difference. The superior padding will keep you injury-free while you coach or commit to training. Wearing this allows you to take your students’ training to the next level by sparring safely. It protects you from both accidental and intentional strikes to the body. 

Specially constructed to protect your ribs, chest and torso from contact, the padding is shock-absorbent and spreads the impact over a large surface area. Made to fit comfortably for long periods of time–the design is adjustable. Easy to slip on and off without a fuss and easy to carry to and from the gym. The high-quality leather is durable for a long-lasting effect. 

Ideal for adults to wear during boxing and kickboxing training. Finished off with the classic MCD logo. 

MCD products have been manufactured to be of superior quality in their construction. Quality assurance is one reason you can trust that any product from MCD will surpass your expectations. 

  • Quality Leather
  • Shock Absorbing Pro Padding
  • Easy to put on and remove 
  • For dedicated boxing trainers and coaches
  • Comfortable Adjustable Fitting
  • Colour Black
  • Suitable for Adult Boxing & Kickboxing Coaches
  • Size Regular
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