MCD Boxing Mitts Focus Pads

£15.99 ex vat

> Coach Training Boxing Pads
> Protective Shock Absorption
> Hand & Wrist Protection

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MCD Boxing Mitts Focus Pads

These boxing pads are made using high-quality leather, which enhances their durability so they can be used for longer. Ideal for boxing coaches to use during training sessions at the gym or at home.  

Perfect for practising jabs, straights, hooks and uppercuts. Available in a pair- with frequent use, they should help develop speed, accuracy and agility. Work on combinations as well as necessary movements such as dodging and striking in conjunction with bag training. 

The open glove style makes them comfortable yet secure. Easy to put on and take off with ease. Designed using advanced shock-absorbing padding, which shields and disperses the effects of contact. 

Perfect for competitive and mid-level boxers. Available in a bold green colour featuring the MCD logo. 

MCD products have been manufactured to be of superior quality in their construction. Quality assurance is one reason you can trust that any product from MCD will surpass your expectations. 

  • High-Quality Leather
  • V-Shape Hook and Jab Sparring Pads Pair (2 Pads)
  • Shock Absorbing Pro Padding
  • Open glove style comfortable to wear or remove
  • Perfect for boxing training with a coach or partner
  • Comfortable Wrist Grip
  • Target mark for aim strike position
  • Dimensions – Length: 10″ Width: 7.50″ Thickness: 2″
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