MCD G6 Pro Boxing Punch Bag Heavy Duty Leather 5ft/6ft


> Heavy Duty Pro Punch Bag

> Durable Quality Leather

> Chain & Wall Bracket included


MCD G6 Pro Boxing Punch Bag Heavy Duty Leather 5ft/6ft

Punch to the next level with this G6 heavy punch bag. Made from the highest quality durable synthetic leather. Designed to cover a large enough surface area so that you can practice a range of punches and movements hence improving your agility. 

The heavy bag allows you to work on your power in preparation for sparring sessions and competitions. It comes with a super-strength chain and a wall bracket so it can be used at the gym or at home. The floor hook at the bottom can be attached for extra stability.

Available in striking green colour with gold effect.  

MCD products have been manufactured to be of superior quality in their construction. Quality assurance is one reason you can trust that any product from MCD will surpass your expectations. 

  • Heavy-Duty synthetic leather bag
  • Green with Gold MCD signature
  • Available in 5FT and 6FT filled and unfilled options
  • Chain & Wall Bracket included


6FT, 5FT