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Choosing the right pair of boxing gloves is critical if you want to improve the quality of your training. Buying boxing gloves that do not fit well is like having a pebble in your shoe – you can still walk but only limp along. It is irritating and over time you will get a sore foot!

So what do you have to do to buy boxing gloves that are the right fit? Buy from a store that offers a wide range of gloves of every size and weight and stocks the best of internationally reputed brands that are optimised for comfort and protection. A huge range is available at The Boxing Gloves, the ultimate in boxing gloves UK online store where you will never be short of choice.
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Choose the Perfect Fit Pair of Boxing Gloves

Regardless of whether you are seriously starting off in this sport or just need a pair of professional boxing gloves, you will surely get the perfect pair at our store. But don’t pick one at random – The chances are pretty significant that you will not be comfortable whether you are sparring, training or in competition and might even injure your hands and wrist. So before looking for boxing gloves for sale at The Boxing Gloves, there are several factors to be considered if you want to save time and money by avoiding a replacement.

Get the Right Weight Boxing Gloves UK

While you buy boxing gloves UK from our online store, select one that will serve your purpose. It is because boxing gloves are not a “one hat fits all” product. You have to be quite specific in what you need.

– Training gloves are used for sparring, boxing fitness classes, and punching bag training and are made of leather or synthetic materials like Polyurethane. These boxing gloves for sale have thumb locks wrist supports and extra padding for extended training sessions.

– Sparring boxing gloves UK are lightweight and have a comfortable contoured design with wrist support and padding. We stock international brands such as Reebok sparring gloves and Adidas, Lonsdale, and Everlast sparring gloves.

– Competition gloves also known as professional boxing gloves are used in professional fights and weigh between 8oz to 10oz. Check out our men’s boxing gloves and ladies boxing gloves for the full range. These gloves are light, have firmer padding and always have a lace-up design.

When you buy boxing gloves UK online from us, you get assured quality and reliability. All gloves are made from the finest materials and manufactured to perfection. Our leather boxing gloves are high on durability and have less moisture build-up inside because of the breathable nature of leather. Synthetic gloves are less expensive and good as boxing gloves for kids to start with. They are easy to clean and being smooth is less likely to snag on a training bag or human target.

Size and Weight of Boxing Gloves for Sale

Size and weight matter when you browse for boxing gloves for sale UK. From our online catalogue you will find a range of gloves with different sizes and weights. The weight is largely dependent on the extent of padding. Adult boxing gloves are available between 8oz to 20oz. Children’s boxing gloves are generally between 4oz to 6oz. A boxer concerned more with safety and avoiding injury will buy bigger and heavily padded gloves. Even though lighter gloves provide less padding they allow the boxer to punch faster and are favoured by those who value speed over protection.

The Boxing Gloves – Your One-Stop Online Store

Whatever might be your requirement of boxing gloves, we’ll have a pair that fits your need perfectly well. We are a leading boxing gloves UK online store offering top-of-the-line boxing gloves for men, ladies, and children.

What to consider when buying new boxing gloves online

Size – Ensure that the gloves you buy are a good fit. Generally speaking, the most popular sizes amongst Men are 14oz, 12oz for Women and 10oz for Youth.

Weight – Gloves are available in different weights because they serve different purposes, for example 8oz and 10oz are used in competition fights but 12oz & 14oz are used for sparring training. Women usually use 12oz & 14oz for sparring & for the bag.

Quality materials – Genuine cowhide leather gloves are the best choice because the glove casing is thicker than Vinyl or PU leather. The thickness of cowhide leather gives additional protection for knuckles, which also means that your new pair can last longer.

Padding – For wrist and knuckle safety, the internal foam & EVA padding is essential. There are various forms of padding materials used in some pro gloves, including EVA, foam and even horse hair padding. Improved padding levels withstand shock and impact hits, making your hands secure and more relaxed during a fight.

Good wrist protection – The wrists are frequently used during a fight and during training sessions to facilitate throwing punches from various directions, and an advanced level padding configuration around the wrist region is very important for this purpose.

Should I buy a new pair?

Buying a new gloves will provide you with a pair that has a brand new leather outer, new padding and new lining. As a result, with a new pair over an old pair, your hands will be more comfortable and with enhanced protection.

If your old pair of gloves do not have internal wicking fabric lining, then they are likely to have accumulated moisture over time, and maybe weigh more than they should.

In order to achieve optimum performance, it is also best to use recommended gloves of varying weights for different tasks.

For punch bag training, a well-padded 16oz pair is ideal, and a less-padded 10oz pair is great for pad practice.

In any event, since modern boxing gloves are expected to be more sophisticated than older ones, a new pair from a reputable manufacturer would almost definitely boost your preparation.

What pair is ideal for boxing pads and for hitting the punch bag?

6oz – Kids boxing gloves for general purposes such as pad work or punch bag training.

8oz – Used in competition fights in the welter weight (67kg-) division and below, also used by women and youth for training on the pads in order to improve speed.

10oz & 12oz – Best for Pads and Light Sparring as these allow for maximum speed. The 10oz gloves are also used in competition fights where the fighter’s weight is above Welter Weight (67kg+). 10 ounce gloves are also appropriate for use in general training by youth and women.

When training on speed drills and combinations, or when performing other sprint or endurance exercises, many boxers wear lighter gloves.

12oz & 14oz – Protective for both fighters during sparring, these gloves make good for pace and effect of attack.

Suitable for both men and women as they have a nice combination that makes for optimum speed and improved rate of endurance.

16oz – For Punch bag training and also used for sparring in middle and heavy weight divisions, the gloves are heavier and are fitted with more padding than lighter gloves. Training as a starting point with 16-ounce gloves is strenuous but satisfying because they help you work harder than you would with lighter gloves.

18oz & 20oz – Suitable for Men in the heavier weight categories. The 18-20-ounce pair will allow the heavyweights to keep their hands well protected during heavy punch bag workouts at the gym.

Take a look at our boxing glove size guide for more detail which should provide you with all the information you you need to know about various weights and the fabrics used, as well as our size guide for the best fit.

Which materials are best?

Our range includes Leather, Vinyl and PU and here are the differences: Genuine Leather -Sustainable and longer-lasting
but more costly than others

Vinyl – Cost effective and easier to clean but can retain moisture internally and not as strong as leather
PU – Less expensive and not as durable leather or vinyl

Laced / Lace Ups or Hook & Loop Gloves?

Laced / Lace Ups – The traditional glove which looks great and is used in professional bouts, the only downside is that it takes a bit more time lacing and could also require a little help to tighten.

Hook & Loop – The most convenient to wear or to remove without any help. These can be used for training and for sparring.

Which brand?

Brands – We normally witness elite professionals battling with gloves from Grant, Reyes, Everlast & MCD, the most famous brands that we stock.

Grant gloves are top quality and have ranked #1 many times, they are the most expensive to buy and their availability is very limited.

Cleto Reyes gloves are also very advanced and offer a great fitting. Reyes are used by world champions and although the gloves are expensive, availability isn’t a problem.

Everlast gloves are good for training according to regular requirements. However, the Everlast Pro gloves collection certainly belongs in the top league, many world champions use these gloves.

MCD gloves are produced with high quality leather and other materials. These are suitable for both training, sparring and for professional fights. Excellent quality and an advanced fitting configuration is provided by MCD gloves, which makes these a great choice for professionals.

Boxing Gloves from Adidas, Lonsdale, Rebook and others are also included in our mid-range.

Bag gloves vs Sparring gloves

Boxing gloves can be differentiated by two key factors: hardness and weight or density. Different gloves have specific uses. The higher density gloves are perhaps most suitable for punch bag and pad work, and on the other hand the less dense ones are primarily used for sparring training.

The majority of pro or semi-pro boxers will have two pairs of gloves as minimum because different gloves are required for different activities in training.

Boxing glove weight guide

Adult boxing gloves normally range from 10 ounces to 20 ounces. The difference in the weight of these may seem little initially, but an increase of 8 ounces is almost double the weight on your hand.

The weight of a glove affects the user and the purpose it is being used for. In official fights, a 10-ounce pair is normally the standard glove weight.

Training with gloves similar to official sizes will provide a sense of the real thing, but lighter gloves which have less padding will allow you to increase your speed, and also, training with heavier gloves is probably best for improving strength and punching power.

This is part of the reason why we find professional boxers wearing heavier gloves during sparring and training.

How to take care of your boxing gloves

After use, gloves should be wiped with a damp cloth, and a suitable anti-bacterial deodorizing spray or talcum powder should be used to keep the inside in pleasant odour-free condition. If you take care of them, they will serve your hands very well for a long time.

Store in a cool dry place after use, preferably inside the supplied carry bag.

If you are unsure which boxing gloves are suitable for you:

We understand that it can be confusing for beginners when choosing the best pair for themselves for the very first time.

TBG offers the largest range from many brands, we have different types of boxing gloves and related equipment, all of which is designed by experts for elite professionals, and to help those working hard to achieve their dreams!

We are always at hand to help you:

Our team are experts in the world of boxing and are always willing to help our customers.

If you need help in choosing boxing gloves contact our dedicated customer service team by email or pick up the phone and call us.

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