Fairtex Boxing Gloves

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Fairtex Boxing Gloves

Fairtex is chosen by the world’s best fighters, coaches and trainers. Whether it’s K-1, WBC Muay Thai, or Martial Combat, the Fairtex name is always there, and deservingly so. Fairtex gloves are ergonomically designed to provide boxers and muay thai fighters’ an edge in the ring by combining comfort, freedom of mobility, and unrivalled protection.

Fairtex specialises in producing products for boxing, muay thai, mma mixed martial arts, and other semi-contact sports.

Starting with their Garments Factory in Thailand in 1971, they have produced a wide of high-quality products since then. The Fairtex equipment is exported and resold all over the world, and is known to be of exceptional quality.

Fairtex boxing gloves and shin guards are made from only the best quality cowhide leather. Their range of equipment includes Boxing Gloves, Muay Thai Gloves, MMA Gloves, Punch bags and Protection Guards.

Fairtex is also a popular brand for men’s and women’s gym wear and sports clothing.

The greatest selection of Fairtex gloves and equipment is available for you to buy online at The Boxing Gloves, including the well-known Fairtex shin guards. Fairtex shin guards are amongst the most sought after in the industry, thanks to their proprietary Syntek Leather, which is acclaimed for having an exceptionally natural feel without compromising durability or protection.

Fairtex Muay Thai shorts are one of the most widely used in the combat world. The Fairtex Muay Thai shorts are specifically developed for the sport, allowing for complete range of motion in the knee and leg, as well as a snug, elasticated fit for maximum comfort.

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